About me

I’m a PhD student in the Machine Translation and Edinburgh Natural Language Processing groups at the University of Edinburgh, UK, under the supervision of Lexi Birch and Barry Haddow.

My research focuses on low-resource machine translation and NLP. Moreover, I am interested in integrating linguistic typology knowledge with NLP and developing new corpora for under-represented languages.

I’m also a co-founder of Chana, an interdisciplinary group in Peru. Our aim is to develop the NLP and Computational Linguistic research in Peru and LatAm, with an emphasis on native languages of Peru and the Americas.

Highlights and news

  • I’m planning the 2nd NLP Summer School (Feb 2021) for students with knowledge of an indigenous language in Peru. If you want to help send me a DM!
  • Paper accepted at EMNLP 2020: Bridging Linguistic Typology and Multilingual Machine Translation with Multi-View Language Representations.
  • Paper accepted at ACL 2020: Efficient Strategies for Hierarchical Text Classification: External Knowledge and Auxiliary Tasks.
  • Paper accepted at LREC 2020: No Data to Crawl? Monolingual Corpus Creation from PDF Files of Truly low-Resource Languages in Peru.
  • Best submission award at the First Workshop on Typology for Polyglot NLP! (extended abstract, poster)